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My name is Tiffany Powell and my heart is in the classroom and especially with Kindergartners. I love spending time with my two kids and our puppies, quilting and reading a great book by our pool. I am starting my 4th year at BES. 


Reminder school day for next year is 7:50-3:16


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Congratulations to Bliss Carter for being Best Bear this week. Best Bear is picked my a staff member of a student from each class that exhibits amazing behavior in the school. They are being a leader and setting great examples for other students.   
 Working on our numbers 1-5. KE identified a number and placed that many dots by the number they identified with paints. Synergizing together! 

Valentine Paty

We will be having a Valentine's Day party on Tuesday, Feburary 14th at
                                                9:20  A.M to 10:15 A.M
Students will hand out Valentines during the morning time. We ask that each student have their decorated shoe box and valentines at school by Feburary 8th. 
                                    *THIS IS EARLY RELEASE DAY!*
***Parenst are welcome to attend! I will provide them with a drink and snack, you are welcome to bring items but remember they must be prepackagede\store bought.***

KE had a great week. Our little family celebrated with Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and had a lot fun doing several Thanksgiving activities. Thank you for sharing your sweet little ones with me each day. I love each and every one of them.  

It's a "Peanut" Thanksgiving!!!

It’s A “Peanuts” Thanksgiving


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving the “Charlie Brown” way in Kindergarten! We will participate in “Charlie Brown” activities all day with a finishing the week off with a KE class feast. This is NOT a party. We are only allowed a certain number during the school year. It is just a fun way for our class family to celebrate with our friends at school. We do appreciate your support. Our feast will begin at 12:30 on Friday November 18th.

This week's math learning...graphing.
We graphed several different items. KE graphed our favorite candy from Trick-or-Treating; M&M's, Sucker, or Skittles. We graphed is we liked Candy Corn. As you can see we found out KE loves Candy corn.