Mrs. Mekalip's second grade class

.  Remember school starts at 7:50.      
2B is on the move.  We will be learning and growing in amazing ways each day.  This web site is a great way to keep up with current events, new academic skills, and fun things we will be learning.   Please subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe tab located to the right of this page.  You can also sign up for Remind to help stay connected.  There is a link located below.
You can reach me by e-mail, notes, phone, or parent conferences to discuss your concerns or questions you may have about your student.  My e-mail is The school number is (903)852-6461.
We will have a great time learning new things. Your child can practice their math facts each day with Xtra math. You may choose to use spelling city to practice spelling words for some extra fun while studying. .
Lunch prices have gone up this year.  They are now $2.35.