Judy Foster » Welcome


Welcome back for an exciting new year. I hope you are visiting our public libraries and enjoying reading books.

The Book Fairy(Mrs. Foster) has a lot of new books for you to read and enjoy. Your class will come to the library once a week.
You may come in at AR time and get a new book if you have read and tested. You will get points when you test on a book.
The computer will add up each time you take a test. When you get 25 points you come to the library and get a prize. The more you read and test the more points you will get.
We have AR awards at the end of the year for the most points earned in the year. These students will get a trophy and go on a field trip. So start thinking about what you would like to read about and we will look in our library and see if we can find just the right book for you.
Looking forward to seeing all of  you and all of your smiling faces.
The library rules and how to take care of our books :
1. Be polite
2. Use good manners
3. Bring book back on time so others can use it
4. Respect others
5. Be careful and take care of book. Bring it back like it was when you checked it out. 
 How to chose a book that is just right for you.
1. Read the first paragraph and don't miss more than five words. This is a good test to see if the book is too hard for you now.
2. Read the title and make sure it is one you would be interested in.