Brownsboro Elementary School


It is so hard to believe school is out and it is summer time! Next year, school hours will be 7:50am-3:15pm. Please look below for the Kindergarten supply list for the 2017-2018 school year:
2017-2018 School Supplies for Kindergarten:
Backpack (without rollers)
1-5x8 supply box
6-boxes 24 count Crayola Brand crayons (NO Jumbo size)
2 - large box of wet wipes
4-bottles of 4oz. Elmer's glue
12-large Elmer's glue sticks
12-count #2 lead pencils (Ticonderoga Brand)
4-count package of play-do
2-package of Crayola  8 Count only CLASSIC  markers
3- Box Kleenex
1- Fiskar Scissors
2-spirals (70 count page wide rule)
4-BIG pink erasers 
1 - Pair Headphones

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