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My name is Tiffany Powell and my heart is in the classroom and especially with Kindergartners. I love spending time with my two kids and our puppies, quilting and reading a great book by our pool. I am starting my 3rd year at BES. 


Reminder school day for next year is 7:50-3:16

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2017-2018 School Supplies for Kindergarten:
Backpack (without rollers)
1-5x8 supply box
6-boxes 24 count Crayola Brand crayons (NO Jumbo size)
2 - large box of wet wipes
4-bottles of 4oz. Elmer's glue
12-large Elmer's glue sticks
12-count #2 lead pencils (Ticonderoga Brand)
4-count package of play-do
2-package of Crayola  8 Count only CLASSIC  markers
3- Box Kleenex
1- Fiskar Scissors
2-spirals (70 count page wide rule)
4-BIG pink erasers 
1 - Pair Headphones

Reminder school day for next year is 7:50- 3:16!


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Valentine Paty

We will be having a Valentine's Day party on Tuesday, Feburary 14th at
                                                9:20  A.M to 10:15 A.M
Students will hand out Valentines during the morning time. We ask that each student have their decorated shoe box and valentines at school by Feburary 8th. 
                                    *THIS IS EARLY RELEASE DAY!*
***Parenst are welcome to attend! I will provide them with a drink and snack, you are welcome to bring items but remember they must be prepackagede\store bought.***

KE had a great week. Our little family celebrated with Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and had a lot fun doing several Thanksgiving activities. Thank you for sharing your sweet little ones with me each day. I love each and every one of them.  

It's a "Peanut" Thanksgiving!!!

It’s A “Peanuts” Thanksgiving


We will be celebrating Thanksgiving the “Charlie Brown” way in Kindergarten! We will participate in “Charlie Brown” activities all day with a finishing the week off with a KE class feast. This is NOT a party. We are only allowed a certain number during the school year. It is just a fun way for our class family to celebrate with our friends at school. We do appreciate your support. Our feast will begin at 12:30 on Friday November 18th.

This week's math learning...graphing.
We graphed several different items. KE graphed our favorite candy from Trick-or-Treating; M&M's, Sucker, or Skittles. We graphed is we liked Candy Corn. As you can see we found out KE loves Candy corn.
We love writing our sight words in shaving cream each week. We also write subtraction sentences, and additional sentences. 
We had visiting students from the high school that came and read books to use that they wrote and illustrated. KE loved all the books and could not wait to write our own class book. 
We had a great turn out at the Fall Festival. Thanks to all the KE families that helped with donations, setting up and working our booth. You are the BESt. 
Congratulations to this week's Best Bear in KE.
Best Bears are chosen by being on time all week and Perfect Attendance for the week. They are modeling being Proactive as well as being a leader in all aspects of the classroom. Way to go KE!
Mrs. Garlington, our counselor, came to visit KE this week. She read a book that focused on Habit 1: Being Proactive of the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. She read David's in Trouble. She discussed with our class all the ways that David could have been Proactive and could have made better choices.
Thank you Mrs. Garlington for coming to read to us and teach us ways that we can be Proactive.