Brownsboro Elementary School


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  Second Grade is the BEST and I am so excited to be your child's second grade teacher.  We have so much fun in 2E.    My goal is to teach in a way that makes learning fun so that every child in my class loves coming to school each day. 
This webpage will contain information about our classroom.  I will post pictures of all the fun that will be going on each week in our classroom.  This page will also have links to websites that are helpful for parents and students.  
I know that with parents, students, and teacher working together this will be an amazing year.  Be sure to contact me if you need any additional support, or if you have any concerns or questions.  
Thank you,
Mrs. Cawthon

Recent Posts

2E Mannequin Challenge!!

I think this is the cutest thing ever. We are frozen in the middle of reading groups and Daily 5. The kids thought this was the coolest!!

Learning contractions!  We had a Contraction Surgery!
Practicing double facts by making spooky spider cookies!  4+4=8 you know!!
We had so much fun dressing as book characters and walking in the book character parade!
We had fun having a mock election in Second Grade today.  We registered to vote and then went to the voting booth.
Here is a slideshow of our Thanksgiving activities in 2E.  I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!
We studied our rock collection with hand lenses.  We looked for texture, luster, color and more!  We are very interested in rocks now.  Santa might need to bring us a stocking full of ROCKS.  
We had such a wonderful Christmas party.  Thank you to all of the parents and Bear Moms that helped.  The kids had a great time!
We have been studying precipitation in Science.  So why not make some SNOW?!  Mix 2 1/2 cups of baking soda with 1/2 cup of white conditioner and it looks and feels just like snow.  The kids had a great time using their senses feeling, smelling and seeing the snow.  We even had some tiny snowmen!